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Our Members

    • Fricke Inc.
    • Pearlchem Corp
    • Treatt
    • Compagnie Parento Limited
    • The Lermond Company, LLC
    • BASF Corporation
    • Berjé, Incorporated
    • Ascent Aromatics
    • Symrise, Inc.
    • Kerry Ingredients and Flavours
    • Renessenz LLC
    • Innov8 Computer Solutions, LLC
    • Vigon International, Inc.
    • MANE USA
    • Grayden Cedarworks, Inc
    • Emerald Kalama Chemical, LLC
    • Citrus and Allied Essences Ltd.
    • Andrea Aromatics, Inc.
    • Innovative Fragrances, Inc.
    • Makhteshim-Agan of North America, Inc.
    • Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.
    • Agilex Fragrances
    • Custom Essence, Inc.
    • Firmenich, Inc.
    • Robertet, Inc.
    • Prinova USA
    • French Color & Fragrance Co., Inc.
    • Phoenix Aromas & Essential Oils, LLC
    • Tru Fragrance & Beauty, LLC
    • The Lebermuth Company, Inc.
    • Champion Container Corporation
    • Flavor & Fragrance Specialties Inc.
    • Givaudan Fragrances Corporation
    • The Perfumer's Apprentice
    • ScentAir
    • Arylessence, Inc.
    • Premier Specialties, Inc.
    • Bontoux Inc.
    • CPL Aromas, Inc.
    • drom international, Inc. usa
    • Ungerer & Company Incorporated
    • Allured Business Media/Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine
    • The John D. Walsh Company, Inc.
    • Takasago International Corporation (USA)
    • Global Essence Inc.
    • Medallion International, Inc
    • International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.
    • Intarome Fragrance Corporation
    • The Wercs, Ltd. - A UL Company
    • Belle-Aire Fragrances
    • Bedoukian Research, Inc
    • Atlanta Fragrance Incorporated
    • Charkit Chemical Corporation
    • Arcade Marketing, Inc
    • Alpha Aromatics, LP
    • Lisam Systems
    • Aroma S.A. – Frutarom GT
    • Jimmy's Trucking Inc.
    • O’Laughlin Industries
    • Aroma Creations
    • Flaroma, Inc.
    • Chemia Corporation
    • Excellentia International
    • Evolva SA
    • Fragrance Resources, Inc.
    • Sozio, Inc.


Communications Committee

Staff Liaison:Jennifer Abril

In support of the overall mission of the Association:

To foster and advocate for the fragrance industry in the United States and Canada by promoting and supporting the safety, sustainability and integrity of our products.

IFRA North America’s Communications Committee will:

    • Set priorities to guide communications, educational programs and consumer outreach activities of the fragrance industry in North America
    • Advise IFRANA staff on promotion and defense of the industry, its products, and its trade association, including:
      • Promotion of the emotional benefits of fragrance and the enjoyment of fragranced products by consumers
      • Emphasis on the social and economic impacts of the fragrance industry and the role fragrance plays in the development of widely accepted consumer, specialty and institutional products
      • Translation of complex chemical language into ideas and concepts that can be easily communicated and clearly understood by the general public.


  • Contribute to development and distribution of the industry’s policy and advocacy positions, strategies and activities
  • Direct IFRANA's communications with members and prospective members about the association’s activities
  • Support IFRANA's liaison with allied trade associations through building relationships and alliances with other third parties

International Trade & Transportation Committee

Staff Liaison:Megan Ekstrom

Mission Statement:

  • Assimilate, digest and distribute information concerning legislation and regulations pertaining to the import or export and transportation of fragrances and fragrance ingredients.
  • Act as a conduit to the Board of Directors of IFRA North America as well as other IFRA North America committees with information concerning import-export matters that could affect industry members.

Government Relations Committee

Staff Liaison:Megan Ekstrom

Mission Statement:

  • Enhance the public policy climate in which our industry operates by building relationships with appropriate legislative and regulatory authorities as well as non-governmental organizations.
  • Influence key legislators and regulators through on-the-record testimony and written comments, lobbying at the state and federal levels, coalitioning, and other appropriate means.
  • Liaise with IFRA North America Scientific Affairs Committee, IFRA Scientific Committee, and other industry stakeholders to ensure policy positions are based on sound scientific reasoning.
  • Coordinate IFRA North America positions with other allied trade associations and establish strategic alliances and information networks with appropriate associations and organizations.

Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Committee

Staff Liaison:Megan Ekstrom

Mission Statement:

  • Review and discuss Safety, Health, and Environmental current and common practices along with specific methods and standards needed for continuously improving workplace performance.
  • Identify and/or create opportunities for improving the Safety, Health and Environmental knowledge within IFRA North America companies.
  • Promote awareness of new and changing Safety, Health and Environmental regulations along with applicable regulatory enforcement activities.
  • Provide the IFRA North America Board with recommendations for addressing regulatory compliance and other matters involving Safety, Health and Environmental issues that may impact the flavor and/or fragrance industries.

Product Safety and Regulatory Committee

In support of the overall mission of the Association:

To foster and advocate for the fragrance industry in the United States and Canada by promoting and supporting the safety, sustainability and integrity of our products..

IFRA North America’s Product Safety and Regulatory Committee (PSRC) Committee will:

  • Identify the key technical and regulatory issues affecting IFRA North America member companies and monitor, develop strategies for and act on such issues in the format of the full committee or through targeted working groups.
  • Communicate to and educate membership on issues of interest, serve as technical information clearing house and assist in the development, where necessary, of compliance tools for members (guidance documents, regularly scheduled committee meetings, webinars, workshops, etc.).
  • Develop ideas and proposals for appropriate management of issues should they require support from IFRA and/or IFRA North America Board.
  • Provide support to the IFRANA Government Relations Committee in their efforts to influence key stakeholders by developing written comments, forming industry work groups, participating in internal meetings, and other appropriate means.
  • Liaise with technical experts within allied trade associations; collaborate on issues and positions, where necessary.
  • Provide technical and regulatory support to other IFRA North America committees and staff as needed.