IFRA North America Applauds Introduction of TSCA Modernization Act of 2015

Washington, DC – The International Fragrance Association, North America (IFRA North America) released the following statement from President Jennifer Abril in response to “The TSCA Modernization Act of 2015”:

“IFRA North America applauds Representatives Shimkus and Tonko for their leadership in support an update to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). The proposal is a common sense approach designed to build confidence in protecting consumers and the environment while ensuring industry’s ability to continue innovating.

“IFRA North America supports efforts in the House and Senate to update the regulation of chemicals in the United States. The nation needs sensible changes that account for various types of ingredients and the way these ingredients are used.

“The bill introduced by Representatives Shimkus and Tonko is a significant step forward on behalf of regulatory reform and we look forward to sharing our industry’s learnings in a modernized chemicals management system.

“For example, the fragrance industry utilizes an internal TSCA-like program that generates and evaluates data, considers consumer use and exposure and if needed, restricts or bans fragrance materials when scientifically necessary.

“As the legislative process moves forward, the fragrance industry is committed to building a risk-based regulatory program that ensures ingredients are safe for their intended use, encourages innovation, and ensures that materials production drives the global economy.”

About IFRA North America
IFRA North America represents over 90% of all fragrances developed and sold in the United States and Canada. Our member companies create and manufacture fragrances and scents for home care, personal care, home design and industrial and institutional products, all of which are marketed by consumer goods companies. IFRA North America also represents companies that supply fragrance ingredients, such as essential oils and other raw materials, used in perfumery and fragrance mixtures.

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